Abydos – One Of The Oldest Sacred Ancient Cities Discovered

Abydos – AMONG THE Oldest Sacred Ancient Metropolitan areas Uncovered

Abydos is among the oldest cities actually discovered, not merely in Ancient Egypt however in the whole planet. It’s also regarded as probably the most essential archaeological sites actually discovered. It was a historical sacred city situated in Upper Egypt, around 300 kilometers south of present day Cairo, the Egyptian funds. Visit this incredible web site in comfort and design with among our unforgettable Egypt visit deals.

Tempel of Pharaoh Seti I, Abydos near Luxor.

Up to now, Abydos is among the oldest ancient metropolitan areas actually uncovered in Egypt, and several archaeologists and historians furthermore contemplate it to be probably the most essential archaeological sites actually discovered.

The majority of the old town today lies buried beneath contemporary high increase building, and therefore, every artifacts included within the historic temples and monuments are most likely lost. Fortunately however, there’s still too much to see currently web site, with the infamous Temple of Seti I becoming the most popular & most fascinating appeal.


Amun Chapel, Temple of Osiris, Abydos Interior, Temple of Osiris at Abydos

Several guide books declare that the sacred town of Abydos was launched before the 1 st dynasty pharaohs, although this is simply not entirely accurate. Many historians believe that the town was originally established by predynastic rulers, and continuously put into by lots of the pharaohs between your 1 st and 13 th dynasties. The cemetery has been used throughout this era and information show that the 1 st dynasty pharaohs, in addition to a few of the 2 nd dynasty pharaohs had been buried at Abydos.

It really is thought that Abydos offered as a cult middle since the city was initially founded, and nowadays it is very clear that by the finish of the Aged Kingdom time period, Abydos was mainly a middle for the Osiris and Isis cult. Paintings and scrolls within tombs throughout Egypt reveal that producing the pilgrimage to Abydos had been seen as getting a noble move to make and an accomplishment to end up being incredibly pleased with.

Without all tours add a visit to this web site, it is nevertheless among the top Luxor places of interest, and something which features in some of our bespoke Nile River cruises.

The Temple Of Seti I

Temple of Seti I, Abydos - Photo by Roland Unger

The Temple of Seti I can be also known as the fantastic Temple of Abydos, mainly because it may be the most imposing construction at the website. It is also very well preserved, that makes it appear a lot more impressive. In the temple visitors can easily see a wonderful assortment of paintings, in addition to a comprehensive set of the titles of virtually all the pharaohs that ruled Egypt.

The brands which are carved right into a giant rock slab is an extremely accurate accounts of the many pharaohs, and also a remarkably rare find. Actually, archeologists were so amazed by its discovery that it’s today categorised as the Rosetta Rock of Egyptian Mythology. Interestingly, the set of titles excludes the brands of specific pharaohs who have been deemed to possess been bad pharaohs. Exactly the same names are also omitted on the King’s List that has been discovered at the close by Temple of Ramesses II.

The Temple Of Ramesses II

God Anubis Depicted with the head of a jackal, Abydos

As the Temple of Ramesses II is usually far smaller and in addition less impressive compared to the massive Temple of Seti I, it really is nonetheless worthy of discovering while you’re at the website. There’s also a little but great temple that has been devoted to the precious Queen Nefertari.

Visiting The Sacred Town Of Abydos

Our Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan, and also our Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor consist of time Luxor, and some may also include a guided trip to the sacred town. However, it will always be far better confirm whether it’s integrated or not ahead of you finalizing your visit reservation. Abydos is properly and a classic fascinating site, and really worth a visit if period permits.

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