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Country wedding

Many people have an aversion to the trappings of wealth and luxury, whether it’s a large ballroom with a crystal chandelier, marble flooring, or lace curtains. Some people, and maybe you are among them, feel swamped and suffocated by those fabrics while supping at their ease on the ragged edges of society. 

We’re not saying that this style is for everyone, but if you need to throw a party in the woods, what could be more fun than decorating large trunks as tables and attaching white doilies to small tree branches with duct tape, tying bells upon the tails of squirrels. Hence, they jingle as they leap from branch to branch. Other than that sort of thing, pretty much anything goes in decoration! Rejoice in your freedom as nature’s child!

Where to start? 

 Since it is not usual, maybe you are not clear about the steps to take and the decisions to make, but you don’t have to worry. 

Keep in mind that the first step you have to take is to choose where the ceremony will take place, and here there are several factors to consider. In general, we usually look for farms or rural houses that organize weddings and have the easiest access possible for the guests since it is common that many of them come from outside and do not know the area. The best thing to do at this point is to leave the job to your Wedding planner Miami.

Also, find out if there are any activities organized at the venue that your guests can take advantage of, such as horseback riding or other activities.  There may also be a lake or fountain, gardens, and surroundings for strolling and taking pictures. In addition, you can ask if they have accommodation for guests who come from outside or those who have difficulty transporting home at certain times.

The decoration

Suppose there are trees in the surroundings; you can take advantage of them as decoration by placing the altar and chairs for the guests nearby to act as a frame for the event. You can make large rustic centerpieces with wood, flowers, and natural motifs for the cocktail hour. 

For the decoration of a country wedding, you can take advantage of old or disused objects such as old barrels or barrels, wooden ladders, wicker baskets, pallets … all clean and well placed to give the impression of casual but is very well thought out. It is a decoration that, in addition, can be quite economical if it is second-hand.

Another thing that you will save by having your wedding in broad daylight is all about lighting. In addition, that wonderful sunlight will make the photographs you take a look natural and eye-catching with little effort.

Regarding the predominant colors in the decoration, you can choose the ones you like the most, although the trends are yellow, pink, gold, white, blue, and earth tones. The choice will depend on the colors that predominate in the environment. If it is spring and colorful flowers, it may not be necessary to decorate too exaggeratedly.

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