Cairo sights, Egypt

Sightseeings of Cairo, the cultural center of Egypt

If you’ve ever vacationed in one of the tourist cities of this country but haven’t been to Cairo, you may consider that you’ve missed the most important. In fact it’s considered the heart of Egypt. Hidden here are the greatest cultural and historical treasures. And the numerous attractions will not leave indifferent even the most inveterate tourist. Once in Cairo you can not only enjoy the beautiful palaces, museums, mosques and pyramids, but also get into the spirit of the Egyptian people. Therefore, in this article, we will try to most accurately disclose all the famous landmarks.

The Pyramids of Giza

Egypt’s most recognizable landmark is the complex of ancient monuments on the Giza plateau in the suburbs of Cairo

In front of your eyes you will see some of the greatest man-made structures. The most amazing thing is that the builders of that time did not possess such technologies, which exist in our time, but they managed to erect such complicated constructions. It is worth adding that all the work was done with amazing geometric precision. These pyramids are known to be the last of the Seven Wonders of the World. That’s why these three pyramids are considered not only a historical and cultural treasure of the Egyptians, but of the whole world. Against the sand dunes you can see the largest pyramid, which is called the Pyramid of Cheops. Nearby is the average size of the pyramid of Chephren and the smallest of the pyramids of Mikerina.

Big Sphinx

The Great Sphinx is the oldest surviving monumental sculpture on Earth

The Great Sphinx – the oldest surviving monumental sculpture on Earth

According to legend, it was a mythical creature that was meant to guard the ancient tombs of the pharaohs. Therefore, next to the Giza pyramids there is a huge sculpture in the form of a sphinx. It rises twenty meters high and is twenty seven meters long. If you wish to hear for yourself the ancient legends that are associated with these buildings, then you will have this opportunity. Every evening near this figure, colorful performances are staged, and you can hear a lot of fascinating stories.

The Pyramid of Djoser

One of the oldest large stone buildings in the world

One of the oldest large stone buildings in the world

You might see a less magnificent sight here, but it’s worth noting that this pyramid was built first. Its architecture is very different from the others. It consists of six large steps. It is known that its height is sixty-one meters.

National Museum of Egypt

The world's largest depository of ancient Egyptian artifacts

The world’s largest depository of ancient Egyptian art

In Cairo itself is one of the most famous museums of this country’s national treasures. Its popularity has gone far beyond Egypt. All because this is where many of the artifacts related to the history of the ancient world are stored. It has more than eighty halls, which contain about a thousand and a half exhibits. Be sure that after visiting this historical place you will be deeply impressed. In it you can find everything from various sarcophagi and tombs of ancient pharaohs, to real jewels of the time. Every day you have an opportunity to visit this meaningful temple of history. Its doors are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The entrance fee will be about seven dollars.

Cairo Citadel

Mohammed Ali Mosque - one of the largest mosques in Cairo, located inside the Cairo Citadel

The Mohammed Ali Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Cairo and is located inside the Cairo Citadel

When in Cairo itself, you can’t miss this major landmark of the city. On the vast territory of this citadel there are palaces and mosques, and there are even a couple of museums.
When you visit this place, don’t forget to visit the three famous mosques. One is called Al-Azhar, the other Ibn-Tulana and the third Mohammed-Ali. It is known that the first of the above three mosques was built in the tenth century, it is considered to be the most popular and famous.

Khan el-Khalili Market Square

Cairo's most colorful attraction

Cairo’s most colorful attraction

Arguably one of the most famous market squares in the world. Its scale is astonishing; it extends over more than one block. The best time to visit this market complex is in the afternoon. Then the rays of the scorching sun will not make you feel uncomfortable, and all the traders in the square “Khan el-Khalili” will be in their places.

Al-Tahrir Garden

It is impossible not to mention this beautiful place. This is a small piece of paradise, which was created in the middle of the endless sand and thorns. The garden itself is located on a small island. In addition to plants you will find beautiful sculptures, which are made in the style of the ancient Egyptian masters.

Village of the Pharaohs

Theme Park in Cairo

In the Giza area, statues of most of the mythical gods of ancient Egypt were built especially for tourists. You can see them all as you sail toward Pharaoh’s village. In the village you can experience the atmosphere of ancient Egyptian life. Here you can see what life looked like for an Egyptian craftsman. Plowing the land, making papyrus, processing grains and stucco, all will be available for viewing.

Sunny Rook

Vessel, sealed in caches at the foot of the pyramid of Cheops more than 4.5 thousand years ago

The ship, sealed in caches at the foot of the pyramid of Cheops more than 4,500. years ago

In this museum there is one of the oldest ships, which was intended for the mummy of the pharaoh. It is known to consist of 1,200 parts. The entrance fee is about three dollars.

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