Deir El Medina – An Ancient Egyptian Village Revealed

Deir El Medina – A HISTORICAL Egyptian Village Uncovered

Deir El Medina can be an ancient Egyptian “employees” village close to the Valley of the Kings, in fact it is probably the most informative Old Egyptian discoveries available. This web site is featured in a number of of our Egypt visit packages, and specifically in those that include among our 5-Superstar Nile River cruises.

Deir El Medina, Luxor.

The village is situated merely to the south of Egypt’s infamous Valley of the Kings, and both sites share a remarkably strong historical link. In the Valley of the Kings you can go to and explore many tombs belonging to a few of Egypt’s finest pharaohs, like the tomb of Old Egypt’s most well-known pharaoh, King Tutankhamen. Simply nearby, at Deir El Medina, guests can explore the village that has been once house to all those that were employed to create all those excellent tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

The discovery of Deir El Medina is known as to be probably the most groundbreaking discoveries available in Egypt, and the only person of its type. No additional discovery has supplied such a comprehensive knowledge of typical local community living before the pharaohs.


Aerial view of Deir el-Medina - workers village and necropolis

The village offered as funds for employees and their own families for around 400 century, and was initially called “Established Maat” which means THE AREA of Truth. Those that resided in the village for the intended purpose of working on the close by tombs were subsequently called Servants instead of Truth. Later through the Christian era, an area temple was changed into a church and provided the title Deir El Medina this means monastery of the city.

Excavation of the website had been underway when Howard Carter famously uncovered the tomb of King Tutankhamen, which discovery effectively drew mass media attention from what was gradually coming to lighting at Deir El-Medina. Nowadays, it remains probably the most popular sights in Luxor.

THE IMPORTANCE of the Deir El Medina Discovery

Tomb at the entrance of Deir El Medina - Photo by Rémih Deir El Medina - Photo by Rémih

By enough time excavation of the website was complete, the planet had the most precisely documented account of standard neighborhood living, covering a period span of 400 yrs. Before the discovery, nearly all archeologists and historians thought that the fantastic tombs and pyramids had been all built making use of slave labor, however the continues to be at Deir El Medina informed an extremely different story.

Nowadays, we realize that only men done the tombs, and instead of being dealt with as slaves, these were properly paid and well taken care of. We also understand that women stayed in the home and took treatment of chores like and housework, cooking food and also beer brewing. Interestingly, guys were permitted to take time faraway from work to be able to oversee beer producing at home. Actually, records are so precise that it is becoming clear that lots of men in fact exploited this kindness and would routinely remain house to ensure their wives produced their beer correctly.

Historians had been also in a position to establish the truth that there was a good legal system set up aswell, including laws associated with relationship, inheritance and etc. For example, a wife was eligible for a third of these husband’s wealth should they obtained divorced or her spouse died. If however she died very first, her loved ones would inherit what she had been eligible for, rather than it likely to her hubby.

Total Religious Independence

Entrance of Hathor Temple of Deir El Medina - Photo by Olaf Tausch Interior of Hathor Temple - Photo by Olaf Tausch Interior - Photo by Olaf Tausch Stairs - Photo by Olaf Tausch

The discovery of several little temples along with other similar areas of worship also have revealed that it had been both legal and appropriate for the inhabitants of the town to check out any faith or cult without concern with retribution. In a nutshell, the discovery of Deir El Medina provides obviously shown that Egyptian modern society at that time was well-organized; well structured, and most importantly, sophisticated.

Several of our Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan add a stop by at the Valley of Kings, as do many of our Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor. Nevertheless, not all our consist of a stop by at this remarkably historic village which has revealed so several secrets. Even though this site isn’t included in your selected itinerary, we are able to still arrange for one to visit the web site, either before or after your cruise.

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