Luxor Museum – A Select Display Of Fine Egyptian Antiquities

Luxor Museum – A Select Display Of Great Egyptian Antiquities

The Luxor Museum will be nowhere near as large as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, nonetheless it was never designed to be, choosing rather to display quality instead of quantity. A go to to the museum is integrated in a few, but not our Egypt tour deals. While many of our Nile River cruises likewise incorporate a trip to the museum, not absolutely all of them perform. It could however be put into anybody of our visit itineraries if requested.

Luxor Museum inside.

The Museum of Luxor is situated pretty much right in the heart of Luxor, overlooking the Luxor west lender of the Nile River. Visitors who plan to go to the museum in shouldn’t be prepared to see anything such as the Egyptian Museum in Cairo as the two places are very literally worlds aside.

As the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo is usually web host to the world’s largest assortment of Egyptian antiquities, Luxor Museum just includes a relatively small selection, but it’s definitely worthy of visiting. Once the museum was initially opened in 1975 there have been no plans to accommodate a massive assortment of artifacts. Rather, the museum includes a type of “quality before volume” policy.

Going to The Luxor Museum

Amenhotep, Son of Hapu, Luxor Museum Amenhotep III standing on a sled - Luxor Museum Horemheb in front of god Atum

As soon as you step through leading doorways at the museum in Luxor, it becomes obvious that the museum will take much pride in showing only the best possible antiquities, which attended from nearby archeological websites. While the amount of items on screen is nowhere close to what can be observed in Cairo, you need to remember that the museum nevertheless houses roughly 1 / 3 of the world’s Egyptian artifacts. And in addition, it is regarded as among the top Luxor places of interest, and one that is certainly worthy of going to.

The museum’s 55 meter longer façade faces the Nile River, therefore affording visitors with an excellent look at of the river and the west lender in the museum.


Osiride pillar statue of pharaoh Senusret I Thutmose III. Found in Temple of Amun at Karnak Amenhotep III. Found in the Temple of Amenhotep, Qurna

The initial view to greet arriving website visitors is really a huge gilded mind of Hathor, the Egyptian God of Attractiveness. This statue had been recovered from the tomb of King Tutankhamen situated in the Valley of the Kings. On moving recent this, visitors should come to an open up air garden that has a fascinating assortment of statues all dating back to to enough time of the brand new Kingdom. Also on screen in the garden certainly are a huge granite mind of Amenhotep III and an extraordinary carved number of Tuthomosis III.

After the first flooring of the museum site visitors are deal with to a stunning assortment of antiquities, including a big collection of artifacts which were gathered from the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The initial floor can be home to many other collections, including the one that dates back to times of Akhenaton. Gleam small wall on screen that was built making use of 283 sand bricks gathered from the Temple of Akhenaton which as soon as stood at the Karnak Temple complicated.

The Luxor Museum can be home to an accumulation of 26 very well preserved statues which were discovered buried near the well-known Luxor Temple. In 2004 an extension was put into the museum, and amongst other activities, this is useful for the Royal Mummy screen which includes two mummies, that of pharaoh Amose I and that of pharaoh Ramesses I.

Nowadays the museum also shows a fascinating Coptic collection along with an Islamic selection that features pieces dating back to to the Mamluk time period. The museum will be open to visitors each day from 9AM to 2PM and once again from 4PM to 10PM.

If you’re likely to be booking among our Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan or among our Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor, your trip itinerary may already add a stop by at Luxor Museum, but however, it is always smart to confirm this once you make your visit reservation.

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