Ramesseum Temple – The Breathtaking Temple of Ramses II

The Ramesseum Temple in Luxor – Mortuary Temple of Ramses II

Ramesseum Temple is situated on the West Lender of Luxor. It initially served because the mortuary temple of Ramses II, whose 67 yr rule saw the development of several fabulous public structures and architectural miracles. While this site is normally not featured inside our epic Egypt trip packages or our selection of Nile River cruises, we are able to add it to anybody of our visit itineraries if requested.

The Ramesseum Temple in Luxor – Mortuary Temple of Ramses II.

Arguably probably the most well-known Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, Ramses II could very well be the best monument builder in the annals of Dynastic Egypt.

The Title of the Ramesseum Temple

Aerial view over the West Bank of Luxor and ruins of the Ramesseum Temple of Ramses II, Ramesseum, Luxor

The historic Egyptians known as the temple the “million many years temple” because of its huge surface. The structures addresses an unbelievable fifty thousand square meters. Additionally it is house to gigantic statues of Ramses II which were built on the website. The huge complex that was focused on the god Amun, got 20 years and thousands of workers to create.

This temple has been constructed to assist two reasons. The temple had been publicly constructed make it possible for the historic Egyptians to apply their religious rituals, which includes prayer and ritual offerings to the gods. It had been also, and perhaps way more, built to show the greatness of the Pharaoh and his political and armed service achievements.

That is one among many breathtaking sights in Luxor, in fact it is one we would certainly recommend visiting for just about any website visitor who has some more time to extra.

The Fight of Qadesh

Evening light on the Ramesseum, the mortuary temple of Ramses II

In circa 1275 BC, Ramses II brought the Egyptian army into fight contrary to the Hittites in the town of Qadesh, a significant trading city in Syria. Several historians assert that the consequence of the fight was inconclusive. Ramses nevertheless declared success, presenting the picture of a victorious army head generally in most the temples he built throughout Egypt. Ramses II has been drawn firing arrows at the fleeing Hittites, and he had been also represented as a guy of great strength, keeping his enemies from the top.

Not surprisingly war like popularity, Ramses can be responsible for the initial documented peace treaty in history. This occurred when he negotiated a truce with the Hittites some yrs after Qadesh.

Explanation of the Ramesseum Temple

Hypostyle Hall, Ramesseum Temple Giant Osiris statues in the second court of the Ramesseum undergoing renovation work

The Ramesseum Temple was composed by two huge wall space. A huge inner walls encircled the temple itself, while an outer walls surrounded the storage areas and smaller structures of the temple. A broad corridor connected both of these wall space, decorated with statues of sphinxes in a way much like that built between your Luxor Temple and the Karnak Temple on the East lender of Luxor.

This temple played web host to two huge rock statues of Ramses II that have been 18 meters higher and weighed over 1000 tons. Each one of these statues possess since collapsed, but parts of them, like the heads and shoulders can be looked at in the complicated.

Probably the most remarkable facet of the Ramesseum Temple could very well be the Oriside Columns; statues of Ramses II incarnating Osiris, the god of the underworld. These statistics, hands crossed bearing the crook and fall short, mark the funerary character of the temple

The hypostyle hall of the Ramesseum Temple is usually supported with massive columns. The capitals of the columns are nevertheless in that good shape that visitors can view their shades and adornments that represent moments from top of the and Decrease kingdoms of Old Egypt

The Ramesseum Temple complex furthermore used to add a smaller temple focused on mom of Ramses II, Tuya, and his spouse Nefertari.

If you’re likely to be booking among our Nile cruises from Luxor to Aswan, we’re able to quickly arrange for a trip to the temple complex on your day before the start of one’s cruise. Likewise, if you’re likely to be booking among our Nile cruises from Aswan to Luxor, we are able to arrange a trip to the website after disembarkation in Luxor.

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