Al-Gawhara Palace – A Place of Architectural Beauty in Cairo, Egypt


Al-Gawhara Palace, that is also called Bijou Palace, is situated in the popular Cairo Citadel, plus a number of other well-known Cairo attractions, like the wonderful Muhammad Ali Mosque; the National Law enforcement Museum and the Egyptian National Army Museum. Some of our Cairo visit packages don’t add a stop by at this palace, we are able to easily add a stop by at anybody of our present itineraries.

Cannons at the Al Gawhara Palace, Cairo Citadel.

Al-Gawhara Palace, initially commissioned by Muhammad Ali in 1814, is really a host to truly amazing architectural artistry where various varieties of architecture have already been used in a way which allows them to mix jointly seamlessly.

Even though Al-Gawhara Palace was position completely empty, it could still be an excellent place to visit, nonetheless it is not empty. Instead, most of the palace’s authentic contents are proudly shown in its several halls, areas, and passageways, which includes a huge chandelier weighing roughly 1,000 kilograms that was something special from King Louis Philippe of France, and Muhammad Ali’s beautiful throne that was something special from the after that king of Italy.

It has usually been mentioned that Egypt experienced sort of architectural renaissance through the reign of Muhammad Ali, and the Al-Gawhara Palace is usually well and a classic striking example. Being an added bonus, guests Al-Gawhara Palace also reach enjoy unrivaled sights of Coptic Cairo. In the event that you enjoy traditional architecture, then this complicated is certainly among the must-see Cairo places of interest.

The Brief Background of Al-Gawhara Palace

View from Cairo Citadel in the morning

The breathtaking look at from Cairo Citadel with Giza Pyramids in the length.

Muhammad Ali got Al-Gawhara Palace built-in 1814 and subsequently called it after his final spouse, Gawhara Hanem. It had been built mainly to serve as an exclusive residence though it often housed specific guests, plus a number of administrative workplaces.

For the look and design of the palace, artisans had been earned from various countries, which includes Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey. Because of this, Ottoman architecture may be the predominant architectural design, but with very notable European influences.

Each band of artisans was usually responsible for the look and construction of various sections of the complicated, which includes a mint; a gunpowder factory; an arsenal; and also universities.

In 1822, just 8 yrs after Al-Gawhara Palace has been built, its wooden building had been all but destroyed by way of a main fire which burned for just two days. Muhammad Ali instantly acquired the palace repaired. He also experienced several extensions done, and many new functions added, including a big fountain, flower gardens, terraces, and etc.

Sadly, exploding gunpowder within the complicated triggered another fire in 1824, just 2 yrs after the very first fire. Muhammad Ali as soon as had all of the resultant harm repaired. At this juncture, he also got a vestibule, a staircase, plus some corridors added, which were made making use of large bits of imported marble.

A hundred and fifty-two years afterwards, Al-Gawhara Palace witnessed just one more fire which has been the consequence of a burglary long gone wrong. At this juncture, the fire was a lot more severe than the prior two, to the stage where it came extremely near gutting the building completely. Fortunately, Al-Gawhara Palace had been once more restored to its previous glory for several to see and enjoy.

The Legend of Al-Gawhara Palace

In accordance with legend, Muhammad Ali has been so identified to secure and promise his total handle of Egypt he once invited 470 Mamelukes to the palace to take pleasure from a feast with him. Following the feast had been over, he previously them all shot in the same way these were leaving. Legend provides it that only 1 were able to escape.

Going to Cairo Citadel and Al-Gawhara Palace

Citadel of Saladin with Alabaster Mosque, Cairo

Citadel of Saladin with Alabaster Mosque, Cairo.

Al-Gawhara Palace is really a splendid attraction that is conveniently situated in the well-known Salah El Din Citadel, which is located in an especially fascinating section of Cairo. The Citadel can be home to other superb attractions, so it’s definitely a location worth visiting. We recommend going to Al-Gawhara Palace, together with the other sights at the Citadel, and specially the Muhammad Ali Mosque.

Even though many of our Cairo Visit Packages along with other more extensive Egypt Tour Deals do include a stop by at Cairo’s Islamic One fourth, not absolutely all of them add a stop by at the Citadel and/or the Al-Gawhara Palace. Because of this, in case you are considering reserving among our guided tour deals, please make sure to check your preferred trip itinerary to see in case a stop by at the palace is roofed.

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At Egypt Tours Plus, all visit packages are completely customizable. If your selected tour package will not function Al-Gawhara Palace, nevertheless, you want it to, simply tell us, and we will become more than pleased to tailor your trip accordingly, providing your selected tour is really a private guided visit rather than group tour.

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