Al-Hakim Mosque – A Built, Neglected and Revived Masterpiece

Al-Hakim Mosque – A Constructed, Neglected and Revived Masterpiece

The Al-Hakim Mosque in Cairo is really a major Muslim spiritual site situated in an region of the city referred to as Islamic Cairo, only a short distance south of Bab Al-Futuh, that is the title of the older city’s Northern Gate. It’s the second-most religiously substantial Fatimid mosque in Egypt, and the 4th many religiously significant complicated in the united kingdom. This mosque isn’t presently feature in existing selection of Cairo tour deals, nonetheless it can be contained in anybody of our trip itineraries if requested.

Courtyard of Al-Hakim Mosque, Cairo. Called after Imam Al-Hakim Bi Amrillah.

The mosque’s two minarets, together with the irregular rectangular courtyard, get this to mosque very exclusive. Another very unusual function of the Al-Hakim Mosque, is its monumental entry which also includes a big rock porch. While these distinctive features do permit the mosque to stick out from various other mosques in your community, they are not really the only real reason why a lot of people visit this web site.

Al-Hakim Mosque is usually greater than a thousand many years old, and contains served several purposes because it was very first built. While it had not been doubt always a magnificent mosque, it really is today more magnificent than ever before, not least due to the extensive use of whitened marble.

Despite the fact that Al-Hakim Mosque might not ensure it is onto everyone’s set of top Cairo places of interest, it is nevertheless a place well-worthy of going to.

Al-Hakim Mosque – A BRIEF OVERVIEW

Mosque of Al-Hakim

Minaret of Al-Hakim Mosque.

Construction of Al-Hakim Mosque started in 990 through the principle of Caliph Al-Aziz, nonetheless it was finished by Al-Hakim Bi Amrillah in 1012, and duly called after him. Al-Hakim Bi Amrillah inherited the throne from his dad, Al-Aziz, in 996, simply six yrs after building work began.

Unlike his dad and his grandfather who ruled before him, Al-Hakim Bi Amrillah had been brutal and has been routinely accused of torture, also it was no magic formula that he experienced rivals assassinated. Ironically, he himself was afterwards assassinated in 1021, simply 9 years following the Al-Hakim Mosque had been finished.

At that time once the mosque was constructed, it stood just beyond your old town of Cairo, simply behind the northern walls. However, in 1087, it had been incorporated in to the city, of which point its northern wall, alongside its two minarets, grew to become part of the city’s fortifications.

Unfortunately, a major earthquake strike Cairo in 1303 which partially destroyed top of the parts of the minarets, and in addition caused serious harm to other areas of the Al-Hakim Mosque. The next yr, in 1304, Baybars, an excellent Mamluk leader, got the mosque repaired, and for that reason, a few of the mosque’s authentic functions were inevitably lost. Nevertheless, a lot of the initial architecture remains, even even today.

Al Hakim Mosque

A lot of the mosque’s architectural design and style is a mix of the designs and features that have been employed during the structure of two some other Fatimid mosques in Cairo, the Ibn Tulun Mosque and the Al-Azhar Mosque. It really is perhaps well worth noting that a few of the architectural designs and features bought at these three Fatimid mosques had been later on replicated by architects in European countries.

Following the Fatimids

Following the Fatimid period, Al-Hakim Mosques served lots purposes, including being truly a location where captured crusaders had been held. In addition, it served as a big steady for Saladin, while Napoleon afterwards utilized it as a fortress. Actually, it was once furthermore used as a college, but serving so several purposes through the years eventually led to the mosque getting all but abandoned.

It had been just in 1980 that the Al-Hakim Mosque captured the eye of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin, the top of a little Ismaili sect in India, referred to as Dawoodi Bohra. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin after that got it upon himself to revive and beautify the beautiful Al-Hakim Mosque. Refurbishment of the mosque was substantial, and included abundant usage of whitened marble with gold trim, which enhanced the looks of the mosque significantly.

Going to Al-Hakim Mosque with Egypt Tours Plus

Al-Hakim Mosque is typically not the most thrilling or best mosque in Cairo, but a whole lot depends on just what a person’s anticipations are. The architectural style and design are wonderful, in fact it is definitely one of the higher mosques to go to if you also desire to appreciate some peace and tranquility.

Even though many people do needless to say go to the mosque to pray, additionally, there are many who visit only to enjoy a little tranquility.

As is definitely the situation when visiting mosques, guests should dress conservatively, plus they should avoid visiting during prayer periods.

Al-Hakim Mosque gets a lot of good testimonials from those that visit, and we furthermore believe it is an extremely nice attraction, especially if you are serious mosques and/or Islamic architectural, especially whatever represents the Fatimid period.

It is worthy of noting that the Al-Hakim Mosque will not feature in every of our Cairo Visit Packages or our even more extensive Egypt Tour Deals. A visit to the mosque can nevertheless be incorporated into some of our existing visit packages on request. In the event that you don’t view it mentioned in your selected tour itinerary, nevertheless, you wish to visit this web site, just tell us, and we’ll be acquired to amend itinerary in order that it fits your preferences exactly.

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