Aqmar Mosque – The Oldest Surviving Example of Small Mosques

Aqmar Mosque – The Oldest Surviving Exemplory case of Little Mosques

Aqmar Mosque, can be known as Al-Jam`electronic Al-ِAqmar, or just the Grey Mosque. It really is on the northern finish of Muizz Street, within an region of Cairo referred to as Aged Cairo. The mosque goes back to Egypt’s Fatimid period, before the 10th Fatimid caliph, Al-Amir bi-Ahkami l-Lah. Built-in 1125 AD, structure of the mosques has been individually supervised by Abu ‘Abdallah Muhammad ibn Fatik who was simply vizier at that time. Both the Caliph’s title and the Vizier’s title come in inscriptions on the mosque’s facade within the foundation textual content. You can travel to this wonderful historic developing with anybody of our expertly guided Cairo visit deals.

Carvings of the exterior wall of the 1000 yrs . old Aqmar Mosque, Cairo.

Among Aqmar Mosque’s nearly all endearing functions is its facade that was extensively decorated with inscriptions and many intricate carvings. It had been the initial mosque ever built-in Egypt to become decorated in that manner, also it was also the initial mosque built that truly aligns with the road. Because of this, the primary wall space of the mosque are in an angle to the rectangular hypostyle hall which constantly needs to be aligned with the qibla; the path which all Muslims encounter if they pray.

Aqmar Mosque is usually Egypt’s oldest remaining exemplory case of small mosques, in fact it is regarded by several to be probably the most lovely Fatimid mosques actually built. Anyone who’s thinking about Islamic history or historic Islamic architecture should place the Aqmar Mosque on the set of must-see Cairo PLACES OF INTEREST.


El-Aqmar Mosque at night, Cairo Night shot of Minaret of Al Aqmar Mosque

Built-in 1125 Advertisement, Aqmar Mosque was initially located merely to the north of the city’s eastern Fatimid palace, although this palace no more is present. In 1121, Abu ‘Abdallah Muhammad ibn Fatik grew to become vizier and he purchased the mosque to end up being built, a task which he himself would supervise.

Interestingly, as the Aqmar Mosque had been built, the vizier purchased all the individuals of Cairo who have been surviving in rundown homes to correct their homes, plus they were informed that non-compliance would bring about their houses being confiscated.

Sadly for the vizier, and luckily for the people surviving in rundown houses, he never lived lengthy enough to check out through with his risk. Financial insecurity in Egypt at that time, along with selection of complex spiritual and political challenges, led to Caliph Al-Amir bi-Ahkami l-Lah giving the purchase for the vizier to become arrested, and he had been subsequently executed in 1125 without ever getting the chance to start to see the finished mosque.

Sadly, Aqmar Mosque experienced encroachment at some time through the 19th century but thankfully just the western façade’s right-hand part was lost because of this. The building which got encroached on the mosque has been afterwards demolished in the 20th century, also it had been duly restored to its authentic state, based the functions on the left-hand aspect of the western façade because the two sides would probably have been identical in any case.

Going to Aqmar Mosque with Egypt Tours Plus

Aqmar Mosque, frequently known as the Grey Mosque in traveling guides, as a genuine gem of a location if you are interested in traditional Islamic architecture, and especially architecture from the Fatimid period. In the end, there must definitely be considered a reason why more and more people think about this mosque to end up being probably the most wonderful Fatimid mosques in Egypt.

Despite its beauty and its own popularity, you won’t see Aqmar Mosque presented in every our Cairo tour deals, though it is very most likely that might be this mosque highlighted in a few tours which focus completely or almost completely on Cairo’s many spiritual sites.

Additionally it is worthy of noting that at Egypt Tours Plus, of most our Egypt tour deals could be customized and customized to meet the precise needs of our customers; essentially meaning that a trip to the Aqmar Mosque is definitely possible, irrespective of which tour bundle you choose.

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