Aqsunqur Mosque – A Real Gem in Cairo’s Old Islamic Quarter

Aqsunqur Mosque – A GENUINE Gem in Cairo’s Aged Islamic One fourth

Aqsunqur Mosque can be sometimes known as the Glowing blue Mosque or the Mosque of Ibrahim Agha. It really is one of the well-known Blue Mosques on earth, all of which ‘ve got the name because of the extensive use of glowing blue ceramic tiles of their interiors. Nowadays, Aqsunqur Mosque is really a somewhat essential tourist attraction situated in the Tabbana One fourth in a portion of the city referred to as Islamic Cairo, nonetheless it is not a typical feature generally in most of our Cairo visit deals.

Courtyard of Aqsunqur Mosque

This wonderful mosque can be home to several mausoleums; those owned by Sham ad-Din Aqsunqur, the mosque’s founder; his sons, and several children from the Mamluk sultan. Addititionally there is the mausoleum of Ibrahim Agha al-Mustahfizan who got it upon himself to possess extensive renovations done following the mosque fell right into a condition of disrepair.

The architectural design of the mosque is mainly Syrian, although there are many features which are normal of mosques built somewhere else aswell, and it will be the current presence of these design designs and features that assist to create Aqsunqur Mosque this type of unique and specific mosque to go to.

Another very special facet of the mosque will be that it had been built round the mausoleum of sultan al-Ashraf Kujuk that was currently standing on the website, and this is excatly why the mosque includes a somewhat irregular construction.

This web site has gained its place in the very best 50 sights in Cairo, and for anybody who ıs definitely an Islamic architecture enthusiast, the Aqsunqur Mosque can be an total must-see.

A BRIEF OVERVIEW of Aqsunqur Mosque

Window with iron bars on exterior stone bricks wall of Amir Aqsunqur Mosque (Blue Mosque) Vaulted door on exterior stone bricks wall of Amir Aqsunqur Mosque (Blue Mosque)

Prince Shams Ad-Din Aqsunqur, the boy of a previous sultan, purchased the mosque to become built-in 1347. Historical information show that Aqsunqur individually supervised the complete project, and even contributed to the actual constructing of the mosque.

Aqsunqur had earlier offered as governor in Tripoli, in fact it is believed that this clarifies why the architectural design of the Aqsunqur Mosque is mainly Syrian.

The mosque in addition has offered as a funerary complicated, hence the current presence of several mausoleums, like the mausoleum of Aqsunqur himself.

Sadly, the mosque had not been very well taken care of, and by the 15h-century, the entire problem of the mosque got deteriorated quite significantly. Having less maintenance was entirely because of insufficient funds from Syria, which also led to the mosque only used for Fri prayers and on spiritual holidays.

Fortunately, once the region was under Ottoman principle, another prince by the title of Ibrahim Agha al-Mustahfizan offered orders for the mosque to end up being extensively renovated, a task which lasted from 1652 to 1654.

Through the renovation procedure, the mosque’s roofing and all of the mosque’s arcades had been completely restored, and several columns were put into the inside.

It had been also Ibrahim Agha furthermore had the inside of the Aqsunqur Mosque extensively decorated with glowing blue and natural tiles crafted in regular Iznik style, which were earned from Constantinople and Damascus.

Lastly, he provided orders to have their own mausoleum constructed within the mosque complicated. After all function was finished, the mosque was after that renamed after him, but also for some unknown cause, its new title was rarely utilized.

Another main renovation and restoration task obtained carried in out 1902, and in 1995 the Egyptian government covered repairs that have been necessary because of the 1992 Cairo earthquake.

Afterwards, in ’09 2009, Aqsunqur Mosque had been once again shut for renovations and restoration function, a project which may continue until 2015, of which stage the mosque once more opened its doorways to the general public.

Going to Aqsunqur Mosque in Cairo

Cairo cityscape as seen from top of Aqsunqur Mosque

Cairo cityscape as seen from best of Aqsunqur Mosque

We think that Aqsunqur Mosque is really a really good spot to visit, and much more therefore if you will be in the section of the city referred to as Islamic Cairo.

Irrespective of which religious beliefs you follow, as well as if you don’t stick to any faith at all, it is a actually fascination complex, and something which will make available to you some truly unforgettable photograph opportunities. It really is quite actually overflowing character.

As may be the case with many Cairo PLACES OF INTEREST, Aqsunqur Mosque isn’t automatically featured in every of our Cairo Visit Packages or our traditional Egypt Tour Deals. Please keep this at heart in case you are considering reserving among our bundle tours.

Also remember that Aqsunqur Mosque can nevertheless be added to anybody of our tours. Basically let among our travel specialists understand that you want to visit this fantastic attraction, and they’ll be more than pleased to customize your selected tour accordingly.

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