Bab al-Futuh – A Timeless Relic of the Old City in Cairo

Bab al-Futuh – A Timeless Relic of the Aged Town in Cairo

Bab al-Futuh (Conquest Gate) is among three staying gateways to the Aged Town in Cairo. The three gates that have survived the ravages of period are: Bab al-Futuh and Bab al-Nasr on the northern aspect of the old town, and Bab Zuwayla on the southern part of the town. Even though quite a few existing Cairo tour deals don’t add a visit to this web site, we are able to add it to anybody of our visit itineraries if requested.

Bab al-Futuh using its characteristic circular towers.

Bab al-Futuh goes back to Egypt’s Fatimid period, with the structure of the gate getting completed in 1087. It had been part of the Aged City’s fortification, also it was put into the city’s wall space by Vizier Badr al-Jamali before Caliph Mustansir.


Unlike at another gates that have square towers on either aspect, Bab-al-Futuh will be flanked by two circular towers. Their round form made them more advanced than square towers with regards to strength and protection. Both towers have protection chambers with arrow slits, and in addition special shafts incorporated within their design. The objective of the shafts had been to permit those manning the towers to pour boiling drinking water as well as burning oil on individuals attacking the town.

The Bab al-Futuh monument is a great exemplory case of Islamic architecture, and especially that of the Fatimid period. Additionally it is only a stone dispose of from a amount of fantastic Fatimid period mosques, a few of which have become popular Cairo places of interest. As the gate itself usually isn’t described in Cairo trip packages, you will probably be moving through Bab-al-Futuh if you’re likely to be visiting a location in Cairo referred to as Islamic Cairo or Aged Cairo.

As provides been mentioned previously, Bab al-Futuh goes back to 1087. It had been constructed by the vizier of Caliph Mustansir. Exactly the same vizier in addition has been credited for carrying out much to revive the fortune of the Fatimid Condition which at that time was dealing with a possible collapse.

Interestingly, Caliph Mustansir ruled for much longer than any Muslim, from 1036 when he was just 6 yrs . old, completely to 1094.

Unlike other outdated Islamic structures and monuments in Cairo, Bab al-Futuh was built and then serve as area of the previous walled city’s fortifications, and therefore, there is not too much to see here, nonetheless it is nonetheless nevertheless a good place to visit since it sort of enables you to feel what life will need to have been like back those periods.

The specific architecture can be impressive, nonetheless it is nothing beats the architectural splendor which may be seen at a number of the close by Fatimid mosques.

Visiting Bab al-Futuh in Cairo

Bab al-Futuh is normally not regarded as a stand-only tourist attraction. Put simply, a lot of people who go to the gate do therefore on the way to a number of of the close by mosques, or throughout a visit of Islamic Cairo or Aged Cairo. Because of this, the Bab al-Futuh itself is frequently not mentioned inside our Cairo Tour Deals or inside our other basic Egypt Tour Deals, even though they do add a stop by at the gate.

In a nutshell, if your selected tour package includes time in Old Cairo, you then will likely see Bab al-Futuh.

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