Babylon Fortress – A Fortified Ancient City in Cairo

Babylon Fortress – A Fortified Ancient Town that has been Like No Additional

However, you might not really find Babylon Fortress mentioned in lots of of our Cairo visit packages, there exists a strong possibility that you’ll reach see this historical web site during quite a few tours. Babylon Fortress had been essentially an enormous castle that could be referred to as being truly a fortress city, situated in Egypt’s Delta area, in an area that is nowadays referred to as Coptic Cairo.

Babylon Fortress in Coptic Cairo. The Hanging Church and the Church of St. George are designed into or on its wall space.

Coptic Cairo houses numerous incredibly popular Cairo places of interest, including places like the impressive Church of St. George which goes back to the 10th century; the well-known Hanging Church which dates create to another century, and the astonishing Coptic Museum which homes the world’s largest assortment of Coptic Orlando artifacts.

All three of the amazing attractions are in fact situated within the Babylon Fortress enclosure. Because of this, anyone who books among our Egypt tour deals that include a trip to Coptic Cairo, will inevitably reach observe Babylon Fortress.

A BRIEF OVERVIEW of Babylon Fortress

Interior of the Babylon Fortress, Coptic Cairo

Inside of the Babylon Fortress, Coptic Cairo.

It really is believed that the initial Babylon Fortress was constructed through the 6th century BC by the Persians. It had been on the cliffs near the Nile River, close to the Pharaonic Canal which successfully linked the Nile River to the Crimson Sea.

Boats along with other river craft producing their way along the Nile could have compensated tolls at the fortress, so when the Romans seized handle of the region, they continued to utilize the initial Babylon Fortress, but limited to a relatively short time of time.

As the Romans valued the strategic need for the fort because of its original location, effective water distribution was challenging, and the Roman emperor Trajan provided the orders to go Babylon Fortress nearer to the river to make drinking water distribution within the fortress grounds simpler and more effective.

At that time when Babylon Fortress has been moved to its brand-new location, it had been right close to the Nile River, but on the a long time which have passed, the span of the river provides gradually changed, now, the Nile River is approximately 400 meters to the north of the fortress.

Babylon Fortress and the city which sprang up within its wall space played a significant role for years and years while Egypt had been under Roman handle.

Later, before the Muslim conquest in the 6th century, Babylon Fortress proved just what a formidable fortified town it actually has been. The invading Muslim forces acquired already successfully won several battles, and they experienced anticipated that Babylon Fortress had been apt to be among their toughest problems, and they also arrived well-prepared.

Regardless of the superior dimension and power of the Muslim forces, Babylon Fortress could hold them back again, and just fell to the Arabs seven a few months later in December 640.

Going to the Babylon Fortress

Babylon Fortress as soon as covered a thorough area since it was in the end a fortified city instead of only a simple fort. Unfortunately, not much of the town remains, although you can nevertheless see some ruins just a little to the north of what’s today known as Aged Cairo.

The ruins of the Fortress of Babylon with the Coptic Museum on the background.jpg

Ruins of the Fortress of Babylon with the Coptic Museum on the backdrop.

Probably the most impressive section of Babylon Fortress will be everything you will notice if your selected tour includes a stop by at Coptic Cairo, and especially if t contains a visit to the sites mentioned previous, like the Hanging Church and the Coptic Museum.

Keep in mind, at Egypt Tours Plus, our Cairo tour deals could be customized to match your personal exact needs, therefore even though this site isn’t featured in your selected tour itinerary, we are able to furthermore add it on demand.

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