Mosque Of Ibn Tulun – Unexpected Survivor Of Ancient Egypt

Mosque Of Ibn Tulun – Unforeseen Survivor Of Old Egypt

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun is in no way Cairo’s almost all splendid mosque, and nor is it featured generally in most of our Cairo visit packages, nonetheless it certainly is worthy of a trip if you have a pastime in historical religious websites.

Courtyard of the Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo.

The Mosque of Ibn Tulun may not be the most splendid searching mosque in Cairo, but if you’re passionate about visiting traditional religious buildings, after that this is really one mosque that ought to be on your own agenda. In fact, once the various mosques of the planet will be the topic of discussion, it is always difficult to acquire examples that can complement what the Mosque of Ibn Tulun provides visitors. The mosque provides certainly earned it invest our set of top Cairo places of interest.

A BRIEF OVERVIEW Of The Ibn Tulun Mosque

With regards to age and dimension, the Mosque of Ibn Tulun will take first prize. It’s the oldest mosque to can be found in its unique form in every of Cairo, looked after has the largest quantity of property beneath it aswell.

Ibn Tulun Mosque is the largest mosque in Cairo in terms of land area The view from Ibn Tulun Minaret and dome of Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun Ibn Tulun Mosque, interior. It is the oldest mosque in the city surviving in its original form Arches of Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun, Cairo, Egypt

The mosque had been commissioned by Ahmad ibn Tulun and structure was completed in 879 Advertisement. Ahmad Ibn Tulun, who was simply the governor of Egypt at that time, needed the mosque to end up being built at the top of the “Hill of Thanksgiving” or Gebel Yashkur. His eyesight was to show the area right into a extremely grand and impressive area of Egypt’s capital town.

Interestingly good enough, the mosque somehow were able to survive unscathed once the entire town was burned through the 10th century. It has constantly intrigued historians because the mosque was situated right in true center of the ancient funds, yet it sustained without any harm.

The Ongoing Debate

While everyone appears to be in contract that the Mosque of Ibn Tulun may be the oldest first mosque in Cairo, you can find however some questions concerning the dates associated with when one of the most mosque’s nearly all unique functions were constructed.

In accordance with legend Ahmad ibn Tulun himself created the innovative minaret using its broad and winding stairs. Nevertheless, there are numerous of historians who question this is real. They argue that how the tower connects to the initial structure will be questionable, and the look itself was much too before its time.

Several like discrepancies have surfaced through the few renovations which were carried to keep the mosque audio and in good shape. The first has been in 1177, and again in the past due 1200s. Through the 1920s, a “cleanup” had been completed to the premises and several houses built contrary to the wall space were removed, and something was converted into today’s museum.

Going to The Mosque of Ibn Tulun

As already indicated the lands of the mosque are usually enormous and cover a lot more than six complete acres of property. Given the sheer dimension of the site, visitors should certainly plan their tour beforehand to avoid exhaustion or missing the even more impressive websites.

A brief set of suggested stops on a trip to the Tulun Mosque would add a consider the minaret that is the only person of its type in every of Egypt – it’s the only real minaret with an external spiral staircase. A detailed study of the courtyard’s galleries which are usually beautifully decorated with carved stucco statistics is also recommended, jointly with a glance at a few of the painted prayer niches.

You can find no official guided tours of the particular site, however the mosque is available to visitors. Much like all tourist helpful mosques, visitors aren’t allowed in the prayer hall when no prayers are usually occurring. Women must remember that it is a Muslim spiritual building, and which means that they are usually expected to cover up their heads, shoulders, hands, and hip and legs when on the premises.

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