Mosque Of Muhammad Ali – The Amazing Alabaster Mosque

Mosque Of Muhammad Ali – The Alabaster Mosque

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo can be fondly known as the Alabaster Mosque, and because of its outstanding attractiveness, it’s probably the most visited mosque in Egypt. And in addition, almost all of our present Cairo trip packages include a stop by at this mosque.

Occasionally called the town of Minarets, Cairo houses a seemingly endless amount of mosques. Some are usually relatively small and so are of little curiosity to traveler, while some are absolutely wonderful. One such example may be the Muhammad Ali Mosque which sits majestically on the summit of the Saladin Citadel.

Because of its excellent splendor, the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, that is also called the Alabaster Mosque, will be today probably the most often visited mosques in every of Egypt. Actually, it might even function as nearly all visited mosque in the united kingdom. There are several explanations why the mosque provides became so popular, in addition to the truth that it’s this exquisite site. For instance, the mosque also offers impressively higher minarets, the watch one will get from the very best of the minarets will be first rate. Visitors can easily see practically the complete city, like the Giza Plateau.

The mosque can be the most viewable construction in Cairo in addition to the pyramids.

Mosque of Muhammad Ali – A BRIEF OVERVIEW

Interior of the Mosque of Muhammad Ali (AKA Mohamed Ali Pasha Mosque, Alabaster Mosque) Ceiling of the Mohamed Ali Mosque

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali has been built during the period of many years. Most information indicate that structure of the mosque had been were only available in 1830, and has been probably finished by 1857. The mosque got its title from its incredible reliance on the wonderful alabaster rock quarried from Beni Suef. The minarets are significantly greater than average, measuring an astounding 270 feet high. It was created by the well-known architect Yussuf Bushnaq, and had been financially funded by Muhammad Ali Pasha, who was simply then your ruler of Egypt. Muhammad Ali Pasha was furthermore the final of the type of kings in the united kingdom.

Distinctive TOP FEATURES OF The Alabaster Mosque

Alabaster Mosque, Side Minaret of the Mohamed Ali Mosque, Cairo Courtyard of the Alabaster Mosque

Along with its unusually higher minarets, the mosque’s special domes may also be a comparison to the needle-like minarets, so when any visitor can verify, the inside of the mosque can be an ideal complement to the impressive external. The mosque can be home to an enormous strong marble pulpit which interestingly good enough is the largest in the united kingdom, and the lighting reflects from reduce crystal, gilt covered areas. The website is also famed because of its a lot more than 136 stained glass home windows in the domes.

The courtyard can be amazing because it is in fact bigger than the mosque itself, and its own massive central fountain, alongside its 47 arched doorways supply the placing a regal and palatial appearance.

Going to The Mosque

Many travelers who go to the Cairo Citadel (Saladin Citadel) may also visit the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. Among the great items about this specific site is the proven fact that there are many attractions. Included in these are a armed service museum; Joseph’s Well, other mosques, and also a very fascinating carriage museum.

The website is clearly a variety of military and federal government history, but can be considered a religious web site too. As the site can be a Muslim religious web site, all visitors must provide proper attention to the direction they dress and habits while visiting the lands. Guides are always available, which may be the easiest way to obtain a comprehensive see of the website whether you’ve got a large amount of time or just a few short hrs to dedicate to the region.

The Mosque of Muhammad Ali and the Cairo Citadel are usually conveniently situated in Islamic Cairo close by other popular Cairo places of interest aswell. The Citadel complex that is open everyday from 08h00 to 17h00 is quickly attained by taxi. Many hotels and resorts furthermore offer a shuttle services to the complicated, and the ones that don’t will generally be pleased to make the required arrangements for you personally.

Alternatively, it is possible to simply book among our Cairo tour deals that include a vacation to the mosque. If wish to explore all that Egypt provides, including places just like the Cairo Citadel and the Mosque of Muhammad Ali, please make sure to go to our Egypt tour deals, all of which could be fully customized.

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