Top 10 resorts in Egypt

Rest in the land of the pyramids: 10 best Egyptian resorts

You can enjoy your vacations in Egypt in any season. In winter the temperature never drops below 22°C. In Egypt there is everything for a regular family vacation, as well as for fans of extreme and exoticism. Today we tell you about the resorts that are most popular with our compatriots.

1. Hurghada

It has everything for an unforgettable family vacation. The beaches are mostly sandy, with a gradual entrance to the sea and shallow shoals. It is appreciated by those who holiday with the kids.

Picturesque view of El Mina Mosque in Hurghada

From here, sightseers can easily go to Karnak and Luxor, the former site of ancient Thebes in Egypt. Or take a trip to Cairo, the country’s main city.

2. Sahl-Hashish

The name means “Green Valley. It is a young resort on the Red Sea which is still being developed. Oil tycoons, sheikhs and Hollywood stars are actively buying up land in Sahl-Hashish. Tom Cruise is known to have bought a piece of the desert here.

Sahl-Hashish, a resort on the Red Sea, Egypt

Almost an advertisement for Bounty – a paradisiacal view of the Sahl-Hashish coastline

About a seventh of the resort complex (14%) is devoted to hotels, while the rest is made up of parks, gardens with exotic trees, golf courses, canals, picturesque lagoons.

3. Makadi Bay

4. Soma Bay

Soma Bay is located on the Abu Soma Peninsula. This resort will appeal to lovers of leisure and fans of water sports. Here you can fully enjoy scuba diving. Corals, a variety of underwater plants, and tropical fish abound along the coast in the north and east of the peninsula.

Abu Soma Peninsula, Egypt

A tropical oasis on the Abu Soma Peninsula

In Soma Bay, you can ride the waves with a kite (kitesurfing) or on a board with a sail (windsurfing). Most hotels are 4-5 stars, they are new and offer a high level of service.

5. Safaga

Safaga is a small port where cruise ships stop. This place has long attracted people who love to scuba dive or snorkel. The fact is that there are fantastic coral reefs. Worth the trip. To create a more comfortable environment for diving and snorkeling fans, in recent years in Safaga built hotels 3-4 stars.

Another major advantage of this resort is the luxurious, sandy beaches without the usual throngs of vacationers. This is relevant to tourists who prefer a quiet holiday by the sea.

6. Nuweiba

The city of Nuweiba, a small port in the Sinai, has become a resort also because of the divers. It is chosen by people with average income, tired of the bustle of megapolises.

Canyons in Nuweiba, Egypt

Snow-white canyons in Nuweiba

vacationers have the opportunity to see the beauty of the underwater kingdom, the Colored and White Canyons, the oldest oasis of Egypt, go to the Mount of Moses, or go to the ancient Petra – a city carved into the rocks, recognized as the new wonder of the world. It is located in neighboring Jordan. You can get there from Nuweiba by ferry.

7. El Gouna

This small charming town is rightly called the Venice of Egypt. Its territory is cut by man-made canals through which the gondolas float, and all the buildings are on islands between the waterways. The hotels have their own lagoons, where beach vacationing is a pleasure. Every detail has been thought of.

The Egyptian town of El Gouna is like a small Venice

El Gouna – a small Egyptian Venice

The city center is full of bars, nightclubs, trendy boutiques, and other stores. It’s hard to believe there’s this vast desert all around. Egyptian resort of El Gouna is a great option for a romantic trip.

8. Dahab

Dahab is a laid back resort with a laid back atmosphere. It was once the site of a Bedouin village. Various activities, visits to places of interest and dinners in fish restaurants are more than affordable.

Sea and sun bathing can be successfully combined with diving, windsurfing, quad biking, and educational excursions.

9. Marsa Alam

This is a paradise with pristine coral reefs, which attract divers from all over the world. Scuba diving is amazing. In addition to the many colorful fish in the local coastal waters during the dives can meet small reef sharks, rays, dolphins, sea turtles, and even dugongs – sea cows. The flora under the water is amazing with its splendor and riot of colors.

The underwater world of one of Egypt's resorts

The underwater inhabitants of Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is the southernmost Egyptian resort on the Red Sea coast. The hotels, mostly five-star, have an all-inclusive system. With a high level of service, living here is much cheaper than in such “promoted” tourist spots like Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh.

Marsa Alam has its own international airport.

10. Sharm el-Sheikh

It is the most popular, modern and fast growing resort town with a good tourist infrastructure and an incredibly scenic coastline. Nearby national parks with mangroves.

In Sharm El Sheikh you can meet these cute camels

These are the cute camels that greet tourists in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

The warm, dry climate allows you to swim and sunbathe all year round. Here you can find over 200 comfortable hotels with big well-kept areas, 3 km long beautiful promenade with cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, a lot of entertainments. The only downside of this resort is the abundance of coral colonies on the beaches. No shoes are recommended to swim in to avoid hurting your feet.

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